SSuite Penumbra Editor

Light, fast and efficient text editor


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It seems like implementing features to different programs becomes more important every day. Many times, these options are not even ever used but they still take up resources and cause your computer to slow down which could risk your work. SSuite Penumbra Editor only implements the necessary features in order to reduce CPU resource consumption to the minimum and remain powerful enough to offer you what you really need.

Type short text or entire novels, add images or snapshots directly from your scanner, access your document history directly to get all the information that you want. Don’t worry about losing your information either because SSuite Penumbra Editor includes a saving system in the cloud that lets you backup your information at any moment.

Remember that just because something offers you tons and tons of features doesn’t always mean that it’s better, this is one of the greatest examples. SSuite Penumbra Editor offers you everything that the big brands offer you, but making sure to save you resources while supporting the small developers.
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